About TheWisdomForest

Hello and welcome to TheWisdomForest, a platform where knowledge is shared.

At TheWisdomForest, our main goal is to share knowledge about various aspects of our life, which are key for us to lead a well life. It could be related to food we eat, technology we use and various other day to day activities.

If you have every thought of below questions:


  • “What are the health benefits of _____ food?”
  • “What diet plan I should follow for Diabetes?”
  • “How to reverse pre-diabetes?”
  • “What are superfoods and what health benefits they have?”
  • “What are recipes for vegan food?”

Or if you have any question related to Nutrition and Health, then you are in the RIGHT place!

Why TheWisdomForest (Our Story)?

There is ton of information on Google, but we felt that sometimes the information is not complete, or spoke in depth and in worst case scenarios even misleading.

So TheWisdomForest’s aim is to bring FREE knowledge to the masses and also show what research has been done by various experts and scientists in that area.

We want share both PROs and CONs of each subject so that you can make informed decision.

Getting started (Useful Links)

If you’re just starting out, then we highly recommend that you check out the following articles of our site:

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Health benefits of Turmeric

If you have any question, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.